2021 Black Friday Will Surpass
$10 Billion in US e-Commerce


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Black Friday is just around the corner, taking place in North America and across Europe on the 26th of November, one day after US Thanksgiving. As Black Friday approaches, people eagerly await the lucrative deals that companies offer this year. While consumers are preparing for mega discounts, analysts at InsiderIntelligence.com try to make accurate sales volume and growth rates.


Black Friday 2021 will be an e-commerce gold mine – Analysts from InsiderIntelligence.com foresee online sales to increase 15.8% to $10.42 billion. Black Friday is forecast to be the second most significant day of the season in terms of growth rates, after Cyber Monday, estimated to be up 12.4% from last year.



How much will be spent during the holiday season?
Analysts forecast that total US retail sales will rise 9.0% to $1.147 trillion. US brick-and-mortar retail will soar 7.9% to $935.79 billion. US retail e-commerce sales will jump 14.4% to $211.66 billion. eMarketer expects e-commerce to account for 18.4% of total retail sales.




Which retailers will be winners on Black Friday?
Specialists from InsiderIntelligence.com predict that Amazon will reign supreme in the e-commerce industry once again. Microsoft and Apple are undoubtedly poised for success, too. Analysts say that apparel and department store retailers will benefit from the economy’s recovery from the pandemic.

What are the biggest factors affecting Black Friday’s forecast?

Analysts from InsiderIntelligence.com rely on ongoing strength in the consumer economy, unaffected by the delta variant of COVID-19. They say that low unemployment, rising wages, a blossoming stock market, and government stimulus are all contributing to robust spending patterns.

As the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday might influence the prices of many shares.
Do you think robust retail sales will push the shares of some companies higher? Will Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft surge?
Watch the shares of these companies closely on Black Friday as they might change their direction, creating trading opportunities for investors and traders around the world.

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