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At Xtrade, we believe in the power of knowledge. Only equipped with the most accurate information can you make judicious decisions leading to successful trading.


Pay attention to the 5 most rising and falling instruments on Xtrade’s platform that stood out during the past week:


Most Rising Instruments

    Instrument   Previous Week Change (%)
     Ethereum    19.86%
     NVIDIA   14.57%
     Amazon    14.01%
     Bitcoin    12.71%
     eBay    10.23%


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Most Falling Instruments


    Instrument   Previous Week Change (%)
     UltraPro Short QQQ    -22.24%
    Direxion Small Cap Bear    -18.25%
    Direxion Financial Bear   -15.13%
    UltraShort S&P500    -10.92%



We hope that this data will help you make the right trading choices this week.

The Xtrade team.

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