Those Who Have Friends Are Rich

Dear Trader,

Referring friends to us has got sweeter and more profitable. Share your love for
Xtrade and unlock large bonuses for you and your besties.

Refer a friend from social media, website, or messaging app
and earn up to 800 USD once they have deposited and
have closed their first trade with a minimum investment of 100 USD.

The more money your friend deposits, the bigger bonus you receive:

    Your Friend’s First Time Deposit     Your Bonus  
        +5,000 USD         800 USD  
        +2,500USD         450 USD  
       +1,000 USD         250 USD  
        +500 USD         150 USD  
       +250 USD         +50 USD  



Your friends also stand to benefit from joining Xtrade.
We will reward them with the Xtrade’s Unique Welcome Package.

When your friends make their First Time Deposit,
they are invited to benefit from
the Xtrade special welcome bonus – First Trade on Us.

All you have to do is the following:

  • Share your personal link on social media or via email or chat app
    (copy your personal link by clicking on Refer a Friend button)
  • Receive the Refer a Friend bonus

    After your friends receive the link, all they have to do is:
  • Click the link to register
  • Make the first time deposit
  • Open and close the first trade with a minimum of  100 USD


We look forward to welcoming your friends to Xtrade.

Refer a Friend