Read How Much Black Friday Disappointed in 2021


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Black Friday is over, and you might be curious whether it has met analysts’ expectations. The answer is “No.” Discouraged by the pandemic or fewer juicy deals, shoppers spent less on Black Friday than they did in 2020.



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According to Adobe Analytics, bargain-hunters spent $8.9 billion online, which is a drop from $9 billion last year. Adobe data shows that consumers already spent more than $3 billion online on 19 separate days, as stores rolled out discounts earlier this year.

Adobe released statistics on Saturday indicating that online shoppers spent $5.1 billion on Thanksgiving Day, thus missing its $5.9 billion forecast.

There is no conclusive data on the Black Friday sales in brick-and-mortar stores yet. According to the earlier figures provided by Mastercard SpendingPulse, by 3 p.m. on Friday, retail sales climbed 29.8% from last year’s COVID-pressured low./span>


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The holiday season still holds lucrative trading opportunities for you in 2021. It would be unwise to miss them.



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