Dear Trader,


We want to wish you a profitable trading week. To help you make informed trading decisions, we remind you of significant economic and political events from October 18 to October 25. These events might influence investors’ sentiments and move markets in an unexpected direction. Lest you miss trading opportunities possible this week, we advise you to keep the following events in mind:

 Earnings Reports – This is the week of earnings reports: companies and banks report third-quarter results. Overall earnings of corporate America are expected to remain robust after skyrocketing in the second quarter.

•IBM, Netflix, Tesla, AT&T, American Express, Intel, Procter & Gamble, and Dow are reporting companies. Wall Street will get an early read on one of the most crucial market sectors: Technology. This sector accounts for more than 25% of the weight in the S&P 500. Companies in this sector are predicted to report earnings growth of 28.5%, thus becoming the third behind the materials and industrials sectors.



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