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trading experience with Xtrade

Xtrade always ensures its clients will enjoy a unique trading experience; by establishing solid relationships with many of the most significant international banks, we can ensure our clients receive a first-class trading experience. here is a sense of what features Xtrade offers:



Technical Analysis: From A to Z

This tool is essential for every investor because technical analysis focuses on trading signals to delineate suitable investments and trading opportunities by examining its trends through its trading data and other statistical elements. By joining Xtrade, you will have the real fundamentals of technical analysis, and later after practicing, you will be able to use it alone.



One-click trading:
The easiest way to trade

The one-click feature enables you to pick a favorite asset or more and open a Buy/Sell position in just one click. This feature will make your trading experience more accessible and smoother

every time you open a new position or close one!



Push notification service:
keep up with the movements of the assets

Keep connected with the markets, and track assets movement on the go with our trading app push notifications. Get notified when there is a unique movement in your favorite assets or any other assets that might interest you.


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