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The Blues for the Big Blue may be over.
IBM (International Business Machines corporation) was founded on June 16, 1911, and nicknamed the Big Blue among the blue-chip stocks. 
For decades, its share prices climbed while steadily performing in the higher tiers respected for quality up to a few years ago. One of its downfalls noted was not embracing cloud computing earlier.
However, with its latest acquisition of Red Hat for $34 billion, it may now have an edge to augment with other companies.
Investors are predicting that the earnings report set for January 22, 2019 may exceed market expectations. For now, IBM trades in a range of 118.30 -123.94 with an average trading volume of 4,979,431.
The estimated value target by the end of the year is around 157.89.
Do you think this is realistic or achievable?
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