5 earning reports to watch this week
5 tech leaders will take center stage when they report Q4 financial results this week.
Attention of market watchers is riverted to the upcoming revenue guidance for Q4 of Apple, eBay, Facebook, Amazon and McDonald’s. Each of those giants has bit all the forecasts in their previos earnings reports.

What they will show this time and what will be the market reaction?
  • Apple
Report realease date 29 January, 2019
The company will disclose its Q4 earnings today. This event is very much heated with the company’s press realease where Apple announces their expectations of significant drop in originally stated revenue guidance by about 8%.
  • eBay
Report realease date 29 January, 2019
The market expectations are about the higher revenues of the biggest e-commerce paltform. EPS (Earnings per share) forecast for the quarter is $0.56 while the reported EPS for the same quarter last year was $0.49.
  • McDonald’s
Report realease date 30 January, 2019
When the maker of Big Mac opens its fourth-quarter books, analysts expect to see EPS (Earnings per share) of $1.59 and positive change in sales figures according to published reports.
  • Facebook
Report realease date 30 January, 2019
With 2.27 bln monthly active users for Q4 2018, Facebook is too big to ignore its earnings report.
  • Amazon
Report realease date 30 January, 2019
The latest earnings report has surprised the markets and the company’s Q4 financial outlook is one of the most discussed among investors.
How will the biggest and best stocks bahave this week?
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