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July-August 2019
Q2 Earnings Reports Gathers Momentum!
Q2 earnings season kick-started with earnings announcements from various Banks and Financial Institutions such as Citi-Group, JP Morgan, Bank Of America have all overwhelmed or disappointed Wall Street and Global Stocks. During July & August, More Banks, Financial, pharmaceutical, Energy and Tech Companies like the FAANG Group, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, APPLE, NETFLIX, GOOGLE. Will be Co-drivers driving the market in various directions.

Earnings Season attracts attention as it generates considerable volatility in the market. Investors and Traders prepare to take advantage of the incoming numbers. In January 2018 the USA 30/ Dow 30 crossed 26,000 points for the first time, 372 days later it is now seen above 27,000.

Although most traders are usually on vacation with their families, trading volumes and volatility increases as traders can capitalize on gains on the “cause and effect”. These Reports has on the individual listings and the underlining stocks.

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