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Join the COVID-19 Race! Pharma Stocks could be MASSIVE!

The world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are in a race to find either a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19.
The winner will get 24hour news coverage, a surge in stock prices, and huge profits.

Gilead saw a big rise in share prices on news reports that experimental drug remdesivir can treat COVID-19. 
Johnson and Johnson is a strong contender in the COVID-19 race and its goal is to eventually produce 1 billion units of vaccine.
Pfizzer is pushing hard to extend human trials of possible vaccines and maintain its role as a leader in the pharmaceutical markets
Teva is keen to cash in on production and supply, and is aggressively marketing a variety of possible COVID-19 medicines. 
Who are you Backing to Cure COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have wiped 9% off the overall value of stocks, but at least company could still be a major winner. Get ready to trade pharmaceuticals!