“War on Cash” In  Q1 earnings season!
PayPal and Visa Q1 Earnings reports are coming out this week.
Cash  as payment method is expected to fade out in the coming years. Electronic forms of money transactions are gradually bringing us closer to a cashless society. Payment-processing companies such as, Visa and PayPal pull the tug of war for piece of the pie in this market share. Currently, Visa holds the title as the most prolific payment processing solution provider in the market. Visa’s earnings reports have been consistently impressive, with an overall growth of 20% over the last half-decade. Analysts predict about 16% growth in the next 5 years. As it embraces B2B in its strategy.
PayPal grabs a unique position among digital payment processors and uses the power of its technologies to gain an advantage in the “war on cash”. The popularity of PayPal’s full-featured digital wallet is rapidly growing. There will be more than one winner in the “war on cash”. Both PayPal and Visa’s stocks may be  highly attractive for investment opportunities. Do not miss the date!
24 April – Visa and PayPal Q1 Earnings Reports.
Who do you think will eventually have the
largest market share?
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