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Next week’s webinar is one lesson
you shouldn’t miss out on!

During this session, we will cover the basics of trading,

and how you can better your skills.
We will discuss the key aspects of trading
on Xtrade’s platform, including:
  • Choosing the best assets
  • Correct money management
  • Technical & Fundamental Analysis
  • Decisions Making: become more confident in your trading
  • Impact of major announcements on the market

        Our session will take place on

   Thursday, May 31st, 2018, at 10:00 am GMT.  


  Please note:
The number of available spots is limited,
so make sure you sign up. If you would like to register
and secure 
your place for the webinar, click here 

Sign up to the webinar now, and get up to
50% Cash bonus
for your next investment!
   *Terms Apply
The maximum bonus amount is $20,000.
The promotion is valid until June 1st at 14:00 GMT.

Best regards, Xtrade Team.