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President Trump’s comments shook
Facebook & The Cryptos!

Recently Facebook shares have seen some wild swings in and out of losses.

Ever since Facebook’s cryptocurrency expedition on Project Libra came to light, there have been mixed emotions. Funs of the social media giant welcomed the efforts while the establishment unprepared and viewing the cryptocurrencies as a threat to FIAT money are discouraging efforts.

Facebook’s battles over privacy issues make its move towards the crypto arena worrisome. Even President Trump voiced out his objections for the first time as President, against the cryptocurrencies and chastised Libra to get a “Bankers license.” BTC, LBA, and FB lost some of their value.

BTC/USD dropped from highs above 13,000 to lows below, 11,149 in less than 24 hours while Facebook trembled lightly.

If Libra, is not squashed by Senate? Could it live to surpass XRP, XTH, etc.? While Facebook shares increase?
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