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November 5th & 7th
Supercars: Grab the wheel
Ferrari, the manufacture of Italian supercars, will release its Q3 earnings report on the November 5, followed by the luxury and sedan car maker BMW on November 7.
Stock prices rose from €83 to €104 with the expectation to reach a market value of €129. This stock also has a daily average trading volume of €672,729. This company aspires to beat Tesla in producing the world’s first super electric car by 2020.
What about the BMW Group?
Currently trading between €76.21 – €78.32 and a market cap of €54.262B, its shares prices could claw their way back to €90. So far, sales have risen 1.3% with over 1,834,810 units of its new series 3 and the X5.
BMW is also embracing the new technology of electric cars, and investors are such rushing to ride the uptrends – thus, driving prices up.
Don’t be a spectator.
Get in lane!
CFD trading involves risk of loss.