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Trade America’s Biggest Stocks!
Facebook (FB) and Microsoft (MSFT) are part of America’s tech elite. So far, they’ve survived the market crash and are hoping to deliver strong Q1 earnings reports. Both are due on 04/29/2020 after markets, and the consensus forecast is FB $1.72 and MSFT $1.27 – remarkably these numbers are up on Q1 2019 figures!

Tesla (TSLA) and Boeing (BA) are also due on 04/29/2020 after markets close. The transport companies took a big hit from the COVID-19 lockdown and earnings predictions are less positive. Analyst consensus for TSLA is $-1.22 and $-2.08 for BA. Boeing is still hoping for an improvement on the previous quarter and both companies may surprise the markets. Are you ready to trade the biggest US companies – and can they beat the analysts’ predictions?