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After becoming the first country in the world to make BTC legal tender, El Salvador is again grabbing headlines with its forward-thinking projects. The government has recently proved that cryptocurrency and education go hand in hand, benefiting one another.

El Salvador has assigned profits from the country’s investment in BTC to school construction projects. The legalization of cryptocurrencies makes the country thrive financially, but it also improves children’s education. In turn, better-educated children will ensure the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Taught with the help of Bitcoin, children will lend support to President Nayib Bukele’s courageous national Bitcoin adoption in the future. The investment in schools that El Salvador makes guarantees that the president’s project will swell the national budget and improve the lives of the citizens.

Equally broad-minded is El Salvador’s treatment of the cryptocurrencies hoarded in the fund. The country’s recent purchase of 420 Bitcoin brought its national stack to 1120 Bitcoin, worth more than $70 million at the time of writing. But instead of taking profits from its Bitcoin stack, El Salvador will leave its cryptocurrency untouched. To build twenty new schools, it will use dollars accumulated in the fund. By keeping cryptocurrencies, El Salvador will maintain its unique status as the only country in the world that publicly holds Bitcoin in reserve.



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