Dear friends!

I want to thank you for being with us during this special year of 2020.
We had difficulties and also great time together.
I wish to all of us a great new year with health, happiness,
and success but the most important is together as a family



Gena: You are the best for marketing. IT’s not possible without you.
Thank you for your patience and good work.

Gwen:  Many years together, hard times, good times.
I love working together and I hope we will have big successes another 10 years.

Jawdat Yosef: Thank you my brother for your hard work, you always
have good vibes, continue the same.


Laura: Thank you for taking care of the studio and giving to
everyone high attention.Thank you for being with us.


Liron: It’s not possible without you. Thank you for your help all 2020
and I wish 2021 will be more fun, health and success together.


Lucia: I vote you employee of the year, I love to work with you,
responsible and fun to work.


Michael: You are very responsible and work from your heart.
I really appreciate your hard work.


Moshe: Welcome back to the family, we missed you.
Don’t be separate with us again.


Natasha: Always smiling, good energy and giving us lots of new ideas.
Wishing to work many years together.  


Sveta: Many years together, I really appreciate your work, love your work.
We will work together always.


Weimin: Thank you for hard work and taking our social media channels.
Wishing you all success and happiness.


Zohar: Welcome to our family. I hope you will show big success
and we will work many years together.