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Do you really know Telecom Italia (TIM)?
Everyone knows Telecom Italia. Don’t you? It is often in the news due to its attraction and sometimes undervalued shares, hostile takeovers.
The tension between shareholders, the company’s management and the board is not always constructive for the stocks pushing the value up and down. Savvy trades like this asset for the volatility and yet ease to predict nature.

What you may not know, is Telcom Italia is the leading mobile service and network provider throughout Italy with a strong presence in Brazil contributing to that countries development.

Traders are riding the trends till the Italian Budgetary saga is resolved. Investors believe that when the budget is approved stock prices could rally at least 50% in the next 4-15 months. In this case, they could rise back to 11.28 EPS, the highest levels of 2017. With a market cap of nearly € 12.6 billion this company stocks are ripe for picking.
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